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List Rental Pricing
: Prices on each datacard at cost per thousand ($M). Prices are subject to change without notice. Lists are updated quarterly.

Minimum Order: 3,000 names unless otherwise stated.

All lists are supplied in zip code string order unless requested otherwise. CASS Reports are available upon request. No pre-sort reports are available.

Standard Fulfillment in 2 working days.

Any order under 25,000 names is payable 100% net name with no deductions.

Cancellations Cancellations after the original mail date, or after processing through a merge/purge, are payable in full. Orders cancelled prior to mail date are billed a flat $50 fee, running charges ($15/M), processing and shipping.

Lists are rented for one-time use, unless specified and approved. They are not to be duplicated, reproduced or transferred without written authorization from ListsThatWork.

Multiple Use for one year: $130-$245/M Base, plus selects & processing. Multiple Use Agreement and prepayment required.

Credit Terms: AMEX, Visa & Mastercard accepted. Pre-payment requested from new clients and brokers. Net 30 for clients/brokers with established credit.

Guarantee of Deliverability: All response lists are guaranteed to be 95% deliverable. We will refund 35ยข for any returned mail over 5% of list. All compiled lists are guaranteed to be 90% deliverable with the same terms as above. For repayment we must receive the returned mailing pieces within 90 days of the list shipment. Phone and fax numbers are not guaranteed.

Net Name: 85% + $15/M running charges on 50,000+ names (with computer verification).


Selects:     Recency (3 Months) $15/M
Base Rental $95/M   Phone Numbers* $25/M
Selects $5/M   Title Addressing $5/M
Minimum Order 3000 names   SIC/Sales Volume/EmployeeSize
Geographic/Gender $5/M   Multiple Use-1year
Keycoding $5/M      
ZIP/SCF/State $5/M   Consumer Lists:  
Specialty/JobFunction/Title/Gender $5/M   Income/Age/Children/Homeowner Inquire
Recency (12 Months) $5/M   Hobbies Inquire
Recency (6 Months) $10/M   Number of People in Household Inquire


Processing & Shipping
Rush Charge